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Subject: post-doc and project staff openings at Prog. Langs. lab, IISc

Background about the open positions

The Programming Languages Laboratory in the Department of Computer Science
and Engineering, IISc, Bangalore, is looking for research staff to work in
the broad areas of program analysis, verification, and automated testing.
The specific topics of ongoing research in the lab include analysis of
Spring MVC controllers, analysis of asynchronous message-passing programs,
and advanced analysis-based tools for software repository management.  The
home page of the Principal Investigator, Prof. K. V. Raghavan, contains
information about projects completed so far, publications, etc.

There are two open positions, details of which are given below. Both
positions are initially for a 1-year period, and require the staff member
to physically work in the laboratory. Remote work could be considered for
brief periods under exceptional circumstances.  Campus accommodation is not
provided. If interested, please contact the Principal Investigator by email
at the address given in the home page mentioned above. Please enclose your
CV with your email. You will receive a response only if you are found
suitable to be considered for the position.

1st position: Project Assistant/Associate

We are looking for a Project Assistant or Associate to work on development
of research-oriented analysis tools in the topics of ongoing research
mentioned above. The candidate needs to have a BTech or MTech degree,
excellent programming skills in Java, sound knowledge of data structures
and algorithms, and preferably, development skills in programming languages
other than Java.  The candidate should evince strong interest in learning
about, implementing, and evaluating cutting-edge research-oriented
approaches.  Prior research experience is desirable but not mandatory.  The
work will involve close collaboration with other members of the lab.

The level of appointment will be commensurate with qualifications,
skills, and experience. Compensation will be as per norms published by
Government of India.

2nd position: Post-doctoral researcher

We are looking for a post-doctoral researcher with strong academic
background and visible research accomplishments.  Minimum qualification is
a PhD in Computer sciences, with specialization in areas such as
programming languages, program analysis and verification, formal methods
applied to program analysis problems, rigorous software analysis, or
automated software testing. The candidate should have the ability to
propose, define, and carry out cutting-edge research, should possess
independent research skills, and at the same time be interested in
collaborating with members of the lab.  Compensation will be as per norms
published by Government of India.

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