[FM-India] News from the Bimal Krishna Matilal Logic Prize in India 2018

N. Raja raja at tifr.res.in
Sat May 12 13:49:06 IST 2018

We are glad to announce that the winner of the
Bimal Krishna Matilal Logic Prize in India 2018 is:

Jolly Thomas (International Institute of Information Technology Hyderabad)
for his paper
   "Developing Metalogic to Formalize Ontological Disputes of the Systems
in Metaphysics by
   Introducing the Notion of Functionally Isomorphic Quantifiers".


The Bimal Krishna Matilal Prize in Logic is a biannual prize.
The prize besides being honorific, supports the participation
of the winner in the World Congress of Universal Logic (UNILOG'2018 in
Vichy, France)
and the publication of the paper in the journal Logica Universalis,

Bimal Krishna Matilal (1935–1991) was at the same time an exponent of
Indian logic and well conversant with modern/Western logical theories.
He studied with Quine in the early 1960s and from 1977 to 1991 he was
the Spalding Professor of Eastern Religion and Ethics at
University of Oxford. He was the founder editor of the Journal of
Indian Philosophy.

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