[FM-India] Parity Games: a paper, a research project, and a POST-DOC position

Madhavan Mukund madhavan at cmi.ac.in
Thu Apr 20 21:57:16 IST 2017

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Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2017 16:09:44 +0100
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To: Madhavan Mukund <madhavan at cmi.ac.in>
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Subject: Parity Games: a paper, a research project, and a POST-DOC position

Dear Madhavan,

it's been an exciting half a year on the parity games front, since the
breakthrough quasi-polynomial time algorithm has been announced by colleagues
from Singapore and New Zealand, and now their paper has won a Best Paper Award
at STOC 2017!  Several follow-up papers have explored the topic since,
including my work with Ranko Lazic; find the final LICS 2017 proceedings
version of our paper attached, also available at:
We would very much welcome any comments you might have on our paper, and we
hope that you'll find it fun to read.  

While the question whether there is a polynomial-time algorithm for solving
parity games remains open, the topic remains hot and it enjoys wide interest,
following for example Best Paper Awards for research on parity games, or
directly inspired from it, at LICS 2009 and STOC 2011.
Partly by serendipity, Ranko and I---in collaboration with Sven Schewe, John
Fearnley, and Dominik Wojtczak at Liverpool---happen to be starting an
EPSRC-funded 3-year research project "Solving Parity Games in Theory and
Practice" this summer:
We are now working on filling a post-doc position at Warwick, with the remit of
exploring the computational complexity of parity games and other related
problems (for example, mean payoff games, energy games, simple stochastic
games, etc.) and developing cutting-edge algorithms and solvers for games on
We plan to organize several international workshops on parity and related games
in the next three years, and the post-doc will have an opportunity to
collaborate widely, both with our project partners in Liverpool and

We would be very grateful if you could let us know of any suitable candidates
for this post-doc position or---even better---encourage them to apply.  We
apologize for the late notice (the application DEADLINE is 1 MAY), and we hope
that it will not deter motivated candidates from applying!  

With best regards,
Marcin and Ranko

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