[FM-India] 1 year post-doc position in NLP and machine learning

Madhavan Mukund madhavan at cmi.ac.in
Fri Nov 18 07:25:12 IST 2016

The DATCHA project is proposing a 1-year post-doc position on
discourse and semantic analysis in the context of customer
relationship management, at the University of Toulouse, France.  The
goal of the DATCHA project is to perform semantic extraction from very
large databases of WEB chat conversations between operators and
clients in customer contact centers (technical and commercial).  In
this context, we want to predict customer satisfaction from the
recorded interactions, and define similarity metrics for conversation
analytics: (1) to define global features of conversations that can be
useful to discriminate between them in a supervised setting, (2) to
define a criterion on which to perform clustering of conversations, as
an analytical tool, which in turn is useful : (3) for online customer
support, where finding similar interactions (both from the content and
the interaction point of view) can help an agent interacting with the
customer, or help predict when an interaction is going in an
undesirable direction and address the situation as soon as possible.
Different combinations of dialog representations at the lexical,
semantic and structural levels should be investigated along with
similarity metrics.  Evaluation of the task will be possible due to
annotated data provided by our industrial partner Orange.  We are
looking for someone with a PhD in Natural Language Processing with a
background in semantic or discourse parsing, and with a strong
experience with supervised and unsupervised learning applied to NLP

The work will take place within the Melodi group, a highly
international team, at Toulouse University Computer science
lab. Toulouse is located in the beautiful southwest of France, between
the Atlantic Ocean, The Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees mountains.

Contact: Nicholas Asher asher at irit.fr, Philippe Muller muller at irit.fr
Project: http://datcha.lif.univ-mrs.fr/

Language: English or French

Period: 1 year.

Gross salary: 2919€ (approx. $4000) per month.

IRIT, CNRS/Université Paul Sabatier

About Toulouse:
Toulouse is ideally situated in the heart of Southern France, between
the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and very close to the
Pyrenees mountains, Spain and Andorra. For more information:

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