[FM-India] Multiple PhD positions in Information Security at ETH Zurich

Madhavan Mukund madhavan at cmi.ac.in
Tue Dec 22 20:27:31 IST 2015

 Date: Tue, 22 Dec 2015 15:54:18 +0100
 From: Christoph Sprenger <sprenger at inf.ethz.ch>
 To: fmindia at cmi.ac.in
 Subject: Multiple PhD positions in Information Security at ETH Zurich
 The Institute of Information Security headed by Prof. David Basin at
 ETH Zurich has multiple open positions for PhD students on research
 projects in the area of formal methods for information security.
 We are looking for enthusiastic outstanding Computer Science or
 Mathematics students with a strong background in at least two of the
 following topics
 - formal methods or mathematical logic,
 - probability theory and statistics,
 - cryptography, and
 - information security.
 Additionally, experience in the following specialized areas would be
 - formal software development by refinement,
 - experience with an interactive theorem prover, or
 - security protocols.
 ETH Zurich regulations require PhD students to hold a Masters or
 equivalent degree (e.g., Diplom). All candidates matching the profile
 above are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. We will process
 applications until all positions are filled. Successful candidates are
 expected to start soon after acceptance, but the starting date is
 Applications should include:
 - a curriculum vitae,
 - a brief description of research interests,
 - transcripts of grades,
 - if possible, letters of recommendation from teachers or employers, and,
 - if possible, the Master's or Bachelor's thesis and publications.
 Applications and inquiries should be sent to Sasa Radomirovic at the
 following email address.
 infsec.positions at inf.ethz.ch
 PhD students are paid employees of ETH Zurich. Salary and employment
 conditions are attractive. Zurich is a diverse and multicultural city
 which is consistently rated among the best cities in the world in
 which to live.

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