[FM-India] Invite for submitting posters to ModSym @ ISEC'15

Madhavan Mukund madhavan at cmi.ac.in
Wed Nov 19 18:43:42 IST 2014

 From: Meenakshi D'Souza <meenakshi at iiitb.ac.in>
 To: "fmindia at cmi.ac.in" <fmindia at cmi.ac.in>
 Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2014 10:01:22 +0000

 The 8th India Software Engineering Conference (ISEC
 2015<http://isoft.acm.org/isec2015/>) will take place in Bengaluru
 (February 18th - 20th 2015). We are organizing a Symposium on modeling
 (http://modsym.iiit.ac.in) on 18th February.  The Principal objective
 of the modelling symposium is to help form an active community working
 on various aspects of modelling and its applications. The focus will
 be on problems that would be critical 3-5 years out in future. For
 example, problem spaces such as enterprises, systems, cyber-physical
 systems, etc. will be given more importance.

 The event will have invited speakers from academia and
 industry. Academicians and researchers like Prof. Bernhard Rumpe,
 Prof. Tony Clark, Prof. Kesav Nori, Prof. Frank Ulrich, Mr. Sreedhar
 Reddy, Dr. Meenakshi D'Souza among others from around the world will
 be speaking at the symposium. Also, the event will showcase the latest
 tools (via demonstrations) and posters in the Software modelling
 world. We inivite you to participate in the event by submitting a
 poster. Please visit the website for submission instructions.

 Y. Raghu Reddy & Vinay Kulkarni Organizing committee, ModSym

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