[FM-India] Call for Papers SEASAME 2013: Int'l Workshop on Software Engineering for sAfety-critical Systems and Medical dEvices

Madhavan Mukund madhavan at cmi.ac.in
Thu Mar 14 08:42:07 IST 2013

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 Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 18:50:42 -0400
 Subject: Call for Papers SEASAME 2013: Int'l Workshop on Software Engineering
  for sAfety-critical Systems and Medical dEvices
 [Apologies for multiple postings]
 SEASAME 2013: International Workshop on Software Engineering for
 sAfety-critical Systems and Medical dEvices
 Co-located with EUSPN-2013(http://cs-conferences.acadiau.ca/euspn-13/),
 Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
 October 21-24, 2013
 Proudly sponsored by McMaster Centre for Software Certification and IBM
 Canada R&D Centre
 This workshop provides a forum for the cutting-edge research results and
 practices from academia and industries on the design and development of
 software in safety-critical systems, in particular Software Medical Devices.
 Safety-critical systems (SCSs) are those systems whose failure could result
 in loss of life, significant property damage, or damage to the environment.
 Software are playing an increasingly important part in SCSs. Worldwide
 regulatory bodies have recognized this trend and released new standards
 related to the development of software in SCSs, such as ISO 26262 and IEC
 This trend is particularly true for Software Medical Devices (SMDs), one of
 the most important categories of SCSs. Regulatory bodies and industries are
 investing more on the safety and security issues of SMDs. For examples,
 Medical Devices Directive in the European Union provides definition and
 classification of SMDs; the international standard IEC 62304 specifies life
 cycle requirements for the development of SMDs. However, regardless of the
 importance attached to SMDs, due to the inherent complexity of software,
 errors in software codes have been constantly reported to cause different
 devices to mal-function and led to fatal consequences. Therefore, several
 questions are urgently presented to SMD developers: how to build robust,
 dependable, safe and secure SMDs? More importantly, how to make the case
 for certifying a SMD or a SCS?
 Topics of Interest
 The workshop welcomes papers related (but not limited) to the following
 * Requirements gathering and documentation of safety-critical systems
 * Architecture design of safety-critical systems
 * Testing and static analysis of safety-critical systems
 * Usage of tabular expression in safety-critical systems
 * Safety, dependability, and security in safety-critical systems
 * Formal verification of highly dependable systems
 * Standardization and certification of safety-critical systems
 * Good practices in the development of Software Medical Device (SMD)
   ** Challenges in documenting the requirements of Software Medical Device
   ** Verification and validation of Software Medical Device
   ** Certification of Software Medical Device
   ** Legal and ethical issues related to Software Medical Device
 Paper Submissions
 Accepted papers will be included in the main conference proceedings
 published by Elsevier Science in the open-access Procedia Computer Science
 series. All papers in Procedia will also be indexed by DBLP, Scopus,
 Engineering Village and EI Compendex.
 All submissions should be written in English with a maximum paper length of
 six (6) pages and formatted according to the guidelines(
 and templates MS Word (
 http://cs-conferences.acadiau.ca/euspn-13/files/PROCS_2011-(2).dotx), Latex
 (http://cs-conferences.acadiau.ca/euspn-13/files/ecrc-procs_1.zip) of
 Procedia Computer Science, Elsevier. Papers are submitted using Easychair (
 Best papers of SEASAME Workshop will be invited for publication in a
 special issue (pending) of Journal of Software Engineering and Applications
 (JSEA, http://www.scirp.org/journal/jsea/).
 Questions and inquiries should be sent to seasame2013 at easychair.org.
 Important Dates
 May.10, 2013: Deadline of Full-length Paper Submission
 Jun.15, 2013: Notification of Acceptance
 July.10, 2013: Deadline of Final Camera-ready Paper Submission
 Oct.21-24, 2013: SEASAME Workshop
 Workshop Committees
 Steering Committees (Alphabetical order of last names)
 Yihai Chen, Shanghai Univerisity, China
 Ridha Khedri, McMaster Univerisity, Canada
 Hao Wang, IBM Canada R&D Centre, Canada
 Alan Wassyng, McMaster Univerisity, Canada
 Workshop Chair
 Yihai Chen, Shanghai Univerisity, China
 Hao Wang, IBM Canada R&D Centre, Canada
 Program Committees
 Yihai Chen, Shanghai Univerisity, China
 Zhenbang Chen, National University of Defense Technology, China
 Johannes Faber, United Nations University, Macau
 Ridha Khedri, McMaster Univerisity, Canada
 Yngve Lamo, Bergen University College, Norway
 Mark Lawford, McMaster University, Canada
 Wendy MacCaull, St. Francis Xavier University, Canada
 Tom Maibaum, McMaster University, Canada
 Huaikou Miao, Shanghai University, China
 Vera Pantelic, McMaster University, Canada
 Jay Parlar, General Motors, Canada
 Adrian Rutle, Aelsund University College, Norway
 Kahir Eddin Sabri, The University of Jordan, Jordan
 Hao Wang, IBM Canada R&D Centre, Canada
 Alan Wassyng, McMaster University, Canada

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