[FM-India] Require Masters / PhD research interns, R&D engineers and applied researchers

Raghavendra Ramesh raghavendra.kaundinya at gmail.com
Thu Dec 23 02:51:39 IST 2021

Greetings all,

We at SupraOracles (https://supraoracles.com/) are building the next
generation Blockchain consensus protocols, oracle technologies and allied
products. Because they mainly connect to the critical financial systems in
the future, we need to analyze these systems rigorously using many tools:
automated proof assistants, program analysis techniques, game theory,
probability analysis etc. Hence we are growing our team and are looking for
6 months Masters / PhD research interns, R&D engineers and applied
researchers in permanent positions.

What does the work look like?

This exciting work involves interacting with researchers, building
prototypes, experimenting, articulating, designing algorithms and
implementing them.

The team will be actively researching and developing in the core areas of
formal verification, program analysis, interoperable blockchains, and

We thrive on trust and honesty. We believe in the positive and ethical
impacts these cutting-edge technologies in a decentralized environment can
make on the world. Your alignment and cultural fitment to these core values
and beliefs are of considerable value to us.

About SupraOracles

- Founded in San Francisco, Taipei, and Switzerland
- Distributed Team - USA, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, India, Vietnam
- SupraOracles provides you with a performant Oracle solution for
real-world data to communicate with blockchains.
- For more information, please visit our website: **

Why Choose Us?

- You believe that blockchain technology and DeFi are the future of finance.
- You want to contribute to a safe work environment and culture driven by
open and transparent communication.
- Merit-based promotional system


- Studying, comprehending and discussing research papers
- Theoretical / mathematical and empirical evaluation of the research ideas
- Implementing prototypes and / or production ready software

Are you the right person for this role?

The ideal candidate for us has:

- Experience working in a research lab environment
- Good familiarity in a couple of programming languages in the list of
Java, Rust, GoLang, JavaScript/NodeJS, Solidity (this mainly depends upon
the project)
- Experience in working with GitHub codebases
- Hands-on experience on open source projects
- Standard algorithms and data structure knowledge
- Basic understanding of cryptography and smart contract development
- Preferred: Experience with formal verification or program analysis
- Pro-active communication and collaboration abilities with native-level
proficiency in written and oral English

Interested? Please email me your resumés

Thank you,
Best wishes,
Senior Researcher,

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