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Subject: Opportunity in the Formal Verification area with Siemens at Bangalore

Dear Subscribers,

Please note below a job opportunity in the area of formal verification with Siemens at Bangalore. For all further details, please contact Amrita Kashyap (amrita.kashyap.ext at siemens.com<mailto:amrita.kashyap.ext at siemens.com>).
Job Title: Lead Research Engineer - Formal Verification
Location: Bangalore
Would you be intrigued by an opportunity to explore interesting and unusual ways to exercise your deep skills in computer science, especially in the area of formal verification, for application to programming, modeling and simulation in industrial automation? Join our research group to explore these areas and make a difference with your expertise.
We make real what matters.
You will architect, design and develop prototypes and technology demonstrators with a very high quality to solve contemporary and emerging critical business challenges. Following are (but not limited to) your core business expectations:

     *   Demonstrate passion to enhance knowledge in state-of-the-art formal verification techniques as applied to program compilation (and related compiler enhancements)
     *   Effectively execute projects from comprehensively analyzing requirements to rapidly designing and implementing solutions: develop high performance algorithms and software from concept to realization, targeted to deliver solutions to Siemens business problems globally
     *   Continuously hone and upgrade your skills in the constantly evolving technology world: create the future through intellectual property such as patents and publications in prestigious conferences and journals.

Use your skills to move the world forward.
Technical Expertise

  *   Proven experience (M.Sc. or Ph.D.) in practical and theoretical aspects of SAT and SMT solving.
  *   At least a M.Sc. thesis, preferably a Ph.D. in the area of formal methods:
        *   Software model checking, model checking, symbolic execution, theorem proving.
        *   Predicate abstraction (e.g. CEGAR), property directed reachability (IC3/PDR).
  *   Profound knowledge in static program analysis techniques.
Keywords are:
        *   data flow analysis, constant folding, points-to or alias analysis, static single assignment
        *   cone of influene, dead-code elimination, optimizing compilers, compiler construction
  *   Functional programming skills: Experience in OCaml, Haskell, F#, or Scala.
  *   Working knowledge of compiler construction techniques.
Keywords are:
        *   context-free grammar, bottom-up parser (LALR parsing), Backus-Naur form,
scanner, lexer, parser, Lex, Flex, Yacc, Bison, Menhir, ANTLR

 Soft Skills

  *   You have excellent communication and presentation skills
  *   While you are self-motivated and capable of working independently, you are also comfortable in teams

  *   Masters/ Ph.D. in Computer Science (or related fields)
  *   Technical papers at prestigious conferences and journals would be a plus

About us

We're Siemens. A collection of over 372,000 minds building the future, one day at a time in over 200 countries. We're dedicated to equality and we welcome applications that reflect the diversity of the communities we work in. All employment decisions at Siemens are based on qualifications, merit and business need. Bring your curiosity and imagination, and help us shape tomorrow.

Find out more about department at: Corporate Research, Siemens India<http://www.siemens.com/corporate-technology/en/index.php> website and about Siemens careers at: www.siemens.com/careers

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