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## ICECCS 2018: Call for Workshop Proposals

The 23rd International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer
Systems (**ICECCS 2018**) will be held in Melbourne, Australia, December
12th to 14th 2018. Complex computer systems are common in many sectors,
including manufacturing, communications, defense, transportation,
aerospace, hazardous environments, energy, and health care. These
systems are frequently distributed over heterogeneous networks, and are
driven by many diverse requirements on performance, real-time behavior,
fault tolerance, security, adaptability, development time and cost, long
life concerns, and other areas. Such requirements frequently conflict,
and their satisfaction therefore requires managing the trade-off among
them during system development and throughout the entire system life.

The goal of the ICECCS conference series is to bring together
industrial, academic, and government experts, from a variety of
application domains and software disciplines, to determine how the
disciplines' problems and solution techniques interact within the whole
system. Researchers, practitioners, tool developers and users, and
technology transfer experts are all welcome. The scope of interest
includes long-term research issues, near-term complex system
requirements and promising tools, existing complex systems, and
commercially available tools.

For this major event, we are now inviting proposals for workshops. The
purpose of the workshops is to provide an informal setting for workshop
participants to discuss technical issues, exchange research ideas,
present early results, and to discuss and/or demonstrate applications.
These workshops may be driven by fundamental academic interests or by
needs arising from specific application domains. We encourage a
diversity of workshops relating to different aspects of complex systems.

The workshops will be half-day, to be held on December 12th 2018.

The program chairs of each successful proposal will be responsible for
the following:

   * Producing a web page and a "Call for Papers/Participation" for
their workshop.
   * Providing a brief description of the workshop for the conference
web page and program, and providing a workshop web page the conference
can refer to for details.
   * Selecting papers for the workshop proceedings and providing camera
ready copies ready for publication.
   * All advertising of the workshop beyond web page advertising.
   * Appointing session chairs, etc.

The local organisation committee of the conference will take care of the
production of informal or electronic workshop proceedings, assuming that
the proceedings are camera ready.

For more information see: http://formal-analysis.com/iceccs/2018/

### Guidelines for Proposals
All workshop proposals must be written in English.

Proposals for workshops should be no more than 6 pages in length and
submitted to the **Workshops chair** by Sunday August 12th, 2018 (see

A workshop proposal should include a draft call-for-papers containing at
least the following information:

  * A concise title
  * The names and contact information (web page, email address) of the
Program Committee (PC) chairs, i.e., the workshop organisers.
  * A brief description of the workshop, specifying the goals,
objectives and technical issues that will be its focus.
  * A statement of the relevance of the proposed workshop to ICECCS.
  * A tentative list of workshop PC members should be given. We suggest
one or two PC chairs and at least 10 PC members coming from different

Moreover, the following additional information is requested:

  * If the workshop has taken place before:
    * How often has the workshop taken place so far?
    * Which conference(s) has the workshop been collocated with so far?
    * Number of participants in the last installment.
  * A discussion of the proposed format and agenda.
  * Procedures for selecting participants and papers.
  * Potential invited speakers.
  * Expected number of participants.

### Submission of Workshop Proposals

Proposals should be submitted as a PDF file. Please send your proposals
and any inquiries by E-mail to the Worshops chairs:

  * Marcel Böhme, Monash University, Australia. E-mail:
marcel.boehme at monash.edu
#### Important Dates

  * Deadline for workshop proposals: Sunday August 12th, 2018
  * Notification of decision on workshops: Sunday August 19th, 2018

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