[FM-India] PhD position on Concurrency, Logic, and Type Systems.

Jorge A. Perez j.a.perez at rug.nl
Fri Aug 31 19:02:35 IST 2018

Groningen, The Netherlands
(Posted: August 31, 2018)

We are searching for one four-year PhD position on the topics of
concurrency, logic, type systems, and programming languages.

You will contribute to rigorously comparing different type systems for
message-passing programs, such as session types.
These comparisons will use as reference a correspondence known as
"propositions as sessions", which connects concurrency and logic in
the style of the well-known Curry-Howard correspondence.
We will use the resulting comparisons to streamline existing type
systems, and to guide the development of verification tools for
message-passing programs.

Your PhD research will be embedded in the project "Unifying
Correctness for Communicating Software", a VIDI career grant recently
awarded to Dr. Jorge A. Pérez by the NWO (Netherlands Organization for
Scientific Research).
As such, you will join a dynamic, quickly growing research group;
within the project, you will collaborate with national and
international research partners.

- Qualifications

You have an MSc degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Logic,
Mathematics, or Artificial Intelligence, and experience in one or more
of the following:

• Semantics of programming languages
• Program verification, type systems, and/or typed programming languages
• Concurrency theory and/or process calculi
• The Curry-Howard isomorphism ("propositions as types")
• Modal/substructural logics and (their) proof theory

Female candidates are encouraged to apply.

- Application and Additional Information

For further details on the position and the application procedure, please visit

For further information and expressions of interest, contact Jorge A.
Pérez (j.a.perez at rug.nl).
See also http://www.jperez.nl/vidi

You may apply until 1 October 23:59h / before 2 October 2018 (Dutch local time).

Jorge A. Pérez
Assistant Professor
Bernoulli Institute for Math, CS and AI
University of Groningen, The Netherlands
URL: http://www.jperez.nl

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