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Akshay S. akshayss at cse.iitb.ac.in
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Subject: postdocs available in Rennes
Date: 2017-09-22 11:16
 From: Axel Legay <axel.legay at inria.fr>
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Hi Akshay,

could you please send this email to people that may be interested in 

Thanks, Axel

Call for Inria Postdoc Applications in Formal Methods for Security

The TAMIS team ( https://team.inria.fr/tamis/ ) of Inria Rennes ( 
https://www.inria.fr/en/centre/rennes ) is looking for exceptional 
candidates to cover multiple Postdoc positions in the application of 
Formal Methods to Security. This call will be closed when all positions 
are covered.

The positions are awarded for two years with possibility of extension. 
The net salary is around 2130 € per month including social security. 
Inria employees enjoy subsidized meals and transportation. The working 
language is English. Inria offers free on-campus French lessons. These 
positions are subject to a Restricted Access Zone (ZRR), hence the 
candidates will be screened for security clearance by the Ministry of 

The subjects include: extensions of SMC and rare event simulation with 
applications to cybersecurity; improving SMT solving for concolic 
malware analysis; adapting graph mining and machine learning techniques 
to automated malware classification; and detection and algebraic 
simplification of opaque predicates.

Interested candidates are welcome to send a detailed CV in English 
including a detailed track of their work, teaching, and research 
experience to axel.legay at inria.fr , together with a motivation letter 
explaining how their skills will contribute to the team. Up to two 
additional reference letters by recognized experts will be favorably 

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