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Subject: LASER school
Date: 13.04.2017 08:32
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Dear Colleagues:


On something else, the following announcement, of the LASER summer
school in September, may be of interest. May I ask you to circulate it
to your contacts and to any mailing lists, in India or elsewhere, to
which you may have access?

Thanks in advance!

-- Bertrand Meyer

Announcement text for email, mailing lists etc.

The 2017 LASER summer school (https://www.laser-foundation.org/)
will be devoted to Software for Robotics. It takes place from 9 to 17
September in the exceptional setting of the Hotel del Golfo in Procchio,
Elba Island, Italy.

Robotics is progressing at an amazing pace, bringing improvements to
almost areas of human activity. Today’s robotics systems rely ever
more fundamentally on complex software, raising difficult issues. The
LASER 2017 summer school both covers the current state of robotics
software technology and open problems. The lecturers are top
international experts with both theoretical contributions and major
practical achievements in developing robotics systems.
The LASER school is intended for professionals from the industry
(engineers and managers) as well as university researchers, including
PhD students. Participants learn about the most important software
technology advances from the pioneers in the field. The school’s focus
is applied, although theory is welcome to establish solid foundations.
The format of the school favors extensive interaction between
participants and speakers.

We have lined up an impressive roster of speakers from the leading edge
of both industry and academia:

• DAVIDE BRUGALI, University of Bergamo, on  Managing software
variability in robotic control systems 
• RODOLPHE GÉLIN, Softbank Robotics
• ASHISH KAPOOR, Microsoft Research
• NENAD MEDVIDOVIC, University of Southern California, on  Software
Architectures of Robotics Systems 
• BERTRAND MEYER, Politecnico di Milano & Innopolis University, on
 Concurrent Object-Oriented Robotics Software 
• ISSA NESNAS, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, on  Experiences from
robotic software development for research and planetary flight robots 
• HIROSHI (“GITCHANG”) OKUNO, Waseda University & Kyoto
University, on  Open-Sourced Robot Audition Software HARK: Capabilities
and Applications 

The school takes place at the magnificent Hotel del Golfo
(http://www.hoteldelgolfo.it/) in the Gulf of Procchio, Elba. Along
with an intensive scientific program, participants will have time to
enjoy the countless natural and cultural riches of this wonderful,
history-laden jewel of the Mediterranean.

For more information about the school, the speakers and registration see
the LASER site at https://www.laser-foundation.org/.

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