[FM-India] Open Postdoc Position in formal methods applied to timed systems

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Tue Sep 1 06:10:36 IST 2015

 Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 19:41:06 +0200
 From: Ezio Bartocci <ezio.bartocci at tuwien.ac.at>
 Subject: Open Postdoc Position in formal methods applied to timed systems
 The Institute of Computer Engineering at Vienna (http://ti.tuwien.ac.at/)
 University of Technology is seeking a candidate for a postdoctoral research
 position (one year with the posibility to renew for up to other two years),
 starting as soon as possible. The successful applicant will carry out his/her
 postdoc in the research area of formal methods applied to the verification and
 synthesis of timed systems with faults and delays, including distributed
 systems. This task is part of the recently granted Austrian FWF National
 Research Network "RiSE" (2nd funding period, http://arise.or.at/nfn/
 shine-organization-and-subprojects/), to be led by Ass.-Prof. Ezio Bartocci in
 collaboration with Prof. Ulrich Schmid and Prof. Radu Grosu and with the other
 PIs of RiSE: http://arise.or.at/principal-investigators/.
 Task Description (Task leader Ezio Bartocci): 
 Modeling and Analysis of Parametric, Probabilistic and Parameterized Timed
 Systems  (Applications). To master the overwhelming complexity of manual
 correctness proofs of continuous-time distributed systems, computer-aided
 methods that can deal with symbolic timing parameters ("parametric") and
 symbolic system sizes ("parameterized") are required. Besides the question of
 how to deal with the overwhelming complexity, answering the question of how to
 incorporate (probabilistic) faults will be addressed in collaboration with PP12
 (Grosu), PP07 (Chatterjee) and PP11 (Kirsch). In order to extend our framework
 to also cover message-passing distributed systems with parameterized system
 size, novel abstraction techniques and/or cutoff results will be developed in a
 collaboration with PP03 (Veith).
 The specific requirements for this postdoc position are the following: 
 A completed PhD in Computer Science 
 Experience in developing tools
 Solid experience in timed automata and/or probabilistic timed automata
 (possibly parametric and/or parametrized)
 Very good English skills (writing, speaking)
 A promising publication record
 The Technische Universitat Wien (TU Wien) has about 20,000 students and a heavy
 emphasis on research in the sciences and engineering. TU Wien comprises eight
 faculties - mathematics and geo-information, physics, technical chemistry,
 informatics, civil engineering, architecture and regional planning, mechanical
 engineering and business science, electrical engineering and information
 technology. The Faculty of Informatics of the TU Wien comprises about 3,000
 The Institute of Computer Engineering (ICE) is one of its seven computer
 science institutes. The ICE"s research and teaching activities focus on the
 area of cyber-physical systems and dependable embedded systems. Our activities
 are at the heart of the primary research area Technische Informatik (Computer
 Engineering) of the Faculty of Informatics, and integrate computer science,
 discrete and continuous systems theory, and microelectronics in a holistic
 approach. Major research areas are hybrid systems, real-time systems,
 fault-tolerant distributed algorithms, and dependable digital circuit
 architectures. Particular research activities range from formal/mathematical
 modeling and analysis over SW/HW architectures to microcontroller programming
 and FPGA/VLSI design.
 The salary of the postdoctoral researcher will be of around 49000 Euro gross
 per year.
 Applications, including any attachments, should be submitted by the 15th of
 September to the following emails: ezio.bartocci at tuwien.ac.at,
 s at ecs.tuwien.ac.at, radu.grosu at tuwien.ac.at.
 The following documents must be attached to the application:
 - Cover letter stating the candidate's motivation to apply, and the reason(s)
   why they should be selected for the position
 - A CV
 - Three publications that are deemed relevant to the postdoctoral project
 - Two reference letters
 Contact details
 For further information and enquiries about this post please contact Ezio
 Bartocci, e-mail: ezio.bartocci at tuwien.ac.at.

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