[FM-India] CFP: CRV15 - 2nd Competition on Runtime Verification

Madhavan Mukund madhavan at cmi.ac.in
Tue Jan 20 19:00:20 IST 2015

 Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2015 07:46:46 +0100
 From: Ylies Falcone <ylies.falcone at imag.fr>
 To: crv15.chairs at imag.fr
 Subject: CFP: CRV15 - 2nd Competition on Runtime Verification
 CRV 2015
 The 2nd International Competition on Runtime Verification, 
 held with RV 2015, September 22 - 25, 2015 Vienna, Austria
 CRV-2015 is the 2nd International Competition on Runtime Verification and is
 part of the 15th International Conference on Runtime Verification. The event
 will be held in September 2015, in Vienna, Austria. CRV-2015 will draw
 attention to the invaluable effort of software developers and researchers who
 contribute in this field by providing the community with new or updated tools,
 libraries and frameworks for the instrumentation and runtime verification of
 Runtime Verification is a verification technique for the analysis of software
 at execution-time based on extracting information from a running system and
 checking if the observed behaviors satisfy or violate the properties of
 interest. During the last decade, many important tools and techniques have been
 developed and successfully employed. However, there is a pressing need to
 compare such tools and techniques, since we currently lack a common benchmark
 suite as well as scientific evaluation methods to validate and test new
 prototype runtime verification tools. 
 The main aims of CRV-2015 are to:
 - Stimulate the development of new efficient and practical runtime verification
 tools and the maintenance and improvement of the already developed ones.
 - Produce a benchmark suite for runtime verification tools, by sharing case
 studies and programs that researchers and developers can use in the future to
 test and to validate their prototypes.
 - Discuss the metrics employed for comparing the tools.
 - Provide a comparison of the tools on different benchmarks and evaluate them
 using different criteria.
 - Enhance the visibility of presented tools among the different communities
 (verification, software engineering, cloud computing and security) involved in
 software monitoring.
 Please direct any enquiries to the competition co-organizers (
 crv15.chairs at imag.fr)
 - Yliès Falcone (Université Joseph Fourier, France).
 - Dejan Nickovic (AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH, Austria).
 - Giles Reger (University of Manchester, UK).
 - Daniel Thoma (University of Luebeck, Germany).
 CRV-2015 Jury
 The CSRV Jury will include a representative for each participating team and the
 competition chairs. The Jury will be consulted at each stage of the competition
 to ensure that the rules set by the competition chairs are fair and reasonable.
 Call for Participation
 The main goal of CRV 2015 is to compare tools for runtime verification. We
 invite and encourage the participation with benchmarks and tools for the
 competition.The competition will consist of three main tracks based on the
 input language used:
 - Track on monitoring Java programs (online monitoring).
 - Track on monitoring C programs (online monitoring).
 - Track on monitoring of traces (offline monitoring).
 The competition will follow three phases:
 - Benchmarks/Specification collection phase - the participants are invited to
 submit their benchmarks (C or Java programs and/or traces). The organizers will
 collect them in a common repository (publicly available). The participants will
 then train their tools using the shared benchmarks.
 - Monitor collection phase - the participants are invited to submit their
 monitors. The participants with the tools/monitors that meet the qualification
 requirements will be qualified for the evaluation phase.
 - Evaluation phase - the qualified tools will be evaluated on the submitted
 benchmarks and they will be ranked using different criteria (i.e., memory
 utilization, CPU utilization, ...). The final results will be presented at the
 RV 2015 conference.
 The detailed description of each phase will be available on the RV 2015 website
 at http://rv2015.conf.tuwien.ac.at.
 Expected Important Dates
 January 30, 2015: Declaration of intent (email: crv15.chairs at imag.fr)
 March 15, 2015 Submission deadline for benchmark programs and the properties to
 be monitored
 March 30, 2015 Tool training starts by participants
 May 30, 2015 Monitor submission
 June 30, 2015 Notifications
 At RV 2015 Presentation of results

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