[FM-India] VSComp 2014 CfP

Madhavan Mukund madhavan at cmi.ac.in
Sun May 25 08:14:14 IST 2014

 Date: Sat, 24 May 2014 12:42:46 +0000
 From: Leo Freitas <leo.freitas at newcastle.ac.uk>
 Subject: VSComp 2014 CfP
 Fourth Verified Software Competition (VSComp) 2014
 14-15 June 2014
 Organizers: Ernie Cohen, Marcelo Frias, Peter Müller, Natarajan Shankar
 The Fourth Verified Software Competition (VSComp) aims to showcase the
 progress in verification technology.  The competition will occur over
 48 hours during the weekend of 14/15 June starting with the
 publication of the challenge problems at 0900 GMT of Sat June 14 and
 ending with the submission deadline for the solutions at 0900 GMT of
 Mon June 16.  Teams of up to three individuals can register to
 participate just prior to the start of the competition at
 http://vscomp.org.  The competition will consist of five verification
 challenges (with possible sub-problems) spanning a range of domains,
 including (but not limited to) sequential and concurrent algorithms,
 refinement, assertional verification, and metatheory.  Teams will have
 to solve the challenge problems using mechanized tools.  Teams are
 allowed to use multiple tools to tackle the challenges.  Only the best
 three problem solutions from each team will be taken into
 consideration for evaluating team performance.  An FAQ Wiki page will
 be maintained at the website to clarify questions that might come up
 before or during the competition.  After the competition, solutions
 will be made publicly available for peer review by the other teams.
 Teams should be available to answer questions during the peer review
 process, and if necessary, be prepared to make their verification
 tools available for experimentation.  Based on the results of the peer
 review, the organizers will evaluate the solutions for correctness,
 completeness, and clarity.
 The winners will be given short speaking slots at VSTTE 2014 which
 takes place in Vienna during July 17, 18, 2014.  The competition will
 run on an honor system to ensure that above guidelines are being
 followed by each of the teams.  We especially encourage the
 participation of all-student teams and teams that are using tools
 developed by others.
 Questions or comments about the contest should be sent to vscomp2014 at gmail.com.

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