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 To: Yliès Falcone <ylies.falcone at ujf-grenoble.fr>
 Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2014 23:36:33 +0100
 Subject: ETAPS WORKSHOPS 2014: joint call for papers 
 17th European Joint Conferences on Theory And Practice of Software
                           Grenoble,  France
                            5-6, 12-13 April 2014
 ETAPS is the primary European forum for academic and industrial
 researchers working on topics relating to software science. ETAPS,
 established in 1998, is a confederation of six main annual
 conferences, accompanied by satellite workshops. ETAPS 2014 is the
 seventeenth event in the series.
 23 satellite workshops will take place before and after the
 main conferences:
 From Programs to Systems - The Systems Perspective in Computing
 2nd Workshop on Advances in Systems of Systems  (AiSoS)
 1st Cassting Workshop (Cassting)
 12th International Workshop on Coalgebraic Methods in Computer Science (CMCS)
 5th International workshop on Developments in Implicit Computational complExity (DICE)
 11th International Workshop on Formal Engineering approaches to Software Components and Architectures (FESCA)
 1st Workshop on Formal Integrated Development (F-IDE)
 Games for Logic and Programming Languages IX (GALOP)
 3rd Workshop on GRAPH Inspection and Traversal Engineering (GRAPHITE)
 International Workshop on Graphical Models for Security (GraMSec)
 13th International Workshop on Graph Transformation and Visual Modeling Techniques (GT-VMT)
 4th Workshop on Hybrid Autonomous Systems (HAS)
 2nd Workshop on Hot issues in Security Principles and Trust (Hot-Spot)
 9th Workshop on Model-Based Testing (MBT)
 MEALS Workshop
 5th Workshop on Mathematically Structured Functional Programming (MSFP)
 6th Workshop on Programming Language Approaches to Concurrency and Communication-cEntric Software (PLACES)
 12th Workshop on Quantitative Aspects of Programming Languages (QAPL)
 Workshop on Reconciling Performance with Predictability (RePP)
 2nd International Workshop on Strategic Reasoning (SR)
 1st International Workshop on Synthesis of Continuous Parameters (SynCop)
 3rd Workshop on Validation Strategies for Software Evolution (VSSE)
 10th International Workshop on Rewriting Logic and Its Applications (WRLA)
 Please consult ETAPS Website at http://www.etaps.org/2014/workshops
 to get more details about the workshops.
 -- HOST CITY --
 Located in the southeastern part of France, Grenoble is considered as
 the capital of the Alps. Grenoble is surrounded by nature and high
 mountains: down the Alps, Grenoble is the meeting point of two
 important rivers, Drac and Isere. Grenoble has important historical
 and gastronomic heritages. Leisure activities in breathtaking nature
 are easily organizable and within short-distance. Grenoble is also a
 major scientific center in Europe dedicated to high-tech technologies,
 e.g., nano, micro, bio, and information technologies.
 The event is organized by Universite Joseph Fourier. Located at the
 heart of the Alps, in outstanding scientific and natural surroundings,
 the Universite Joseph Fourier in Grenoble is a leading University of
 Science, Technology and Health.
 * General chair: Saddek Bensalem
 * Conferences chair: Yassine Lakhnech
 * Workshops chair: Axel Legay
 * Publicity chair: Ylies Falcone
 * Finance chair: Nicolas Halbwachs
 * Web site chair: Marius Bozga
 Please do not hesitate to contact the workshop chair at
 etaps2014.satellites at imag.fr.

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