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 Subject: [SKG 2013] Semantics, Knowledge and Grids - Call for Papers
 The 9th International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grids (SKG2013)
 Website: http://www.knowledgegrid.net/SKG2013
 Beijing, Oct 3-4, 2013
 The International Conference on Semantics, Knowledge and Grids (SKG)
 is a cross-area international forum on semantic computing, knowledge
 networking, and grids (Grid, Cloud, Web X.0, CPS, Internet of Things,
 complex interconnection environment, etc). SKG is to promote
 cross-area research and accelerate the development of relevant
 areas. SKG has built its reputation through eight years' professional
 organization. The conference invites well-known experts in diverse
 areas to present keynotes every year. Submissions come from all over
 the world. The acceptance rate of regular papers is usually lower
 than 20%. In addition to regular papers, the conference will also
 accept short papers reporting latest research progress or
 applications. SKG2013 will feature keynote, workshop, and journal
 special issues.
 Submission due: August 3, 2013
 Keynote: The Cognitive Packet Network: Self-Aware Routing in Networks

 Speaker: Prof Erol Gelenbe<http://www.ee.ic.ac.uk/gelenbe/>, Imperial
 College London

 Abstract: This talk will describe CPN, a smart routing protocol for
 networks using "smart packets" that constantly monitor the network on
 behalf of end users, and selects paths that optimise an objective
 function that can depend on the network administrator or on the
 individual users. the objective function can include QoS, Energy
 Savings and Security. We will also present experimental results from
 our large network test-bed.
 Proceedings will be published by IEEE after conference.
 Selected papaers will be published in the following special issues
 after extension.
 Concurrency and Computation: Practice and Experience
 Future Generation Computer Systems
 Yi Pan, Georgia State University, USA
 Wanlei Zhou, Deakin University, Australia
 Hai Zhuge, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
 Program Co-Chairs
 Walid Gaaloul, Institut Mines Télécom, France
 Jun Shen, Wollongang University, Australia
 Luo Si, Purdue University, USA
 Xiaoping Sun, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China

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