[FM-India] Call for Workshop Proposal, ICFEM 2013

Madhavan Mukund madhavan at cmi.ac.in
Sat Feb 23 19:52:35 IST 2013

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 Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2013 18:57:49 +0800
 CALL FOR Workshop/Tutorial Proposals
 ICFEM 2013: 15th International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods
 Oct 29 - Nov 1, 2013
 Crowne Plaza Hotel, Queenstown, New Zealand
 URL: http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/icfem2013/
 Since 1997, ICFEM has provided a forum for those interested in the
 application of formal engineering methods to computer systems. Researchers
 and practitioners, from industry, academia, and government, are encouraged
 to attend, and to help advance the state of the art. In 2013 the 15th
 International Conference on Formal Engineering Methods (ICFEM 2011), which
 is being sponsored and organised by The University of Auckland, will be
 held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel hotel in Queenstown, New Zealand, from
 October 29th to November 1, 2013. The first day, 29 October 2013, will be
 dedicated to
 workshops and tutorials and other satellite events.
 The organizing committee of ICFEM 2013 therefore cordially invites
 proposals for one-day workshops and one-day or half-day tutorials in any
 area related to formal methods or software engineering, but particularly in
 new or emerging fields of application of formal methods.
 Submission of Proposals
 Proposals for workshops/tutorial should contain
 * a title and brief description of the topic and the history of the
 workshop/tutorial, if applicable;
 * the names and contact details of the potential organizers;
 * a brief justification of the topic and estimated size of audience;
 * a description of any special technical requirements.
 Proposals should be sent to ICFEM2013 Workshops Chair, Liu Yang and Jun
 Sun, at yangliu at ntu.edu.sg no later than
 1 April 2013.

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