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 Subject: [fm-announcements] Call for Papers: Formal Methods 2014 (FM 2014), Singapore, May 14-16, 2014
 Formal Methods 2014 (FM 2014)
 19th International Symposium on Formal Methods
 Singapore, May 14-16, 2014
 FM 2014 is the nineteenth in a series of symposia organized by
 Formal Methods Europe, an independent association whose aim is
 to stimulate the use of, and research on, formal methods for
 software development. The symposia have been notably successful
 in bringing together innovators and practitioners in precise
 mathematical methods for software and systems development,
 industrial users, as well as researchers. Submissions are
 welcomed in the form of original papers on research and
 industrial experience, proposals for workshops and tutorials,
 entries for the exhibition of software tools and projects, and
 reports on ongoing doctoral work.
 It will have the goal of highlighting the development and
 application of formal methods in connection with a variety of
 disciplines such as medicine, biology, human cognitive modeling,
 human automation interactions and aeronautics, among others. FM
 2014 particularly welcomes papers on techniques, tools and
 experiences in interdisciplinary frameworks, as well as on
 experience with practical applications of formal methods in
 industrial and research settings, experimental validation of
 tools and methods as well as construction and evolution of
 formal methods tools. The broad topics of interest for FM 2014
 include but are not limited to:
 Interdisciplinary formal methods: techniques, tools and
 experiences demonstrating formal methods in interdisciplinary
 Formal methods in practice: industrial applications of formal
 methods, experience with introducing formal methods in industry,
 tool usage reports, experiments with challenge problems. Authors
 are encouraged to explain how the use of formal methods has
 overcome problems, lead to improvements in design or provided
 new insights.
 Tools for formal methods: advances in automated verification and
 model-checking, integration of tools, environments for formal
 methods, experimental validation of tools. Authors are
 encouraged to demonstrate empirically that the new tool or
 environment advances the state of the art.
 Role of formal methods in software and systems engineering:
 development processes with formal methods, usage guidelines for
 formal methods, method integration. Authors are encouraged to
 demonstrate that process innovations lead to qualitative or
 quantitative improvements.
 Theoretical foundations: all aspects of theory related to
 specification, verification, refinement, and static and dynamic
 analysis. Authors are encouraged to explain how their results
 contribute to the solution of practical problems.
 Papers will be evaluated by at least three members of the
 Program Committee. They should be in Springer LNCS format and
 describe, in English, original work that has not been published
 or submitted elsewhere. Papers should be submitted through the
 FM 2014 EasyChair web site at:
 Accepted papers will be published in the Symposium Proceedings,
 to appear in Springer's Lecture Notes in Computer Science.
 Abstract due: November 7, 2013
 Full papers due: November 14, 2013
 Acceptance / Rejection Notification: February 1, 2014
 Industry Track Submission: January 16, 2014
 Industry Track Notification: February 16, 2014
 Camera-ready: February 25, 2014
 Main Conference Date: May 14-16, 2014
 Tutorial / Workshops Date: May 12-13, 2014
 The organizing committee of FM 2014 thus invites proposals for
 half- or full-day tutorials in the broad area of formal methods.
 Proposals from industry practitioners or academics are very
 welcome; proposals for tutorials on applications of formal
 methods to challenging problems are particularly welcome. All
 tutorials should focus on providing participants with the
 opportunity to learn new techniques, new application domains,
 and insightful uses of formal methods. Details on the call for
 tutorials can be found at
 We are also inviting people to submit proposals for workshops.
 The purpose of the workshops is to provide an informal setting
 for workshop participants to discuss technical issues, exchange
 research ideas, and to discuss and/or demonstrate applications.
 These workshops may be driven by fundamental academic interests
 or by needs from specific application domains. We encourage a
 diversity of workshops relating to different varieties of formal
 models. Details on the call for workshops can be found at
 A Doctoral Symposium will be held on 12-13th May in conjunction
 with the FME Symposium FM2014. This aims to provide a helpful
 environment in which selected doctoral students can present and
 discuss their ongoing work, meet other students working on
 similar topics and receive helpful advice and feedback from a
 panel of researchers and academics. Details on the call for
 doctoral sympisum can be found at
 General Chair
 Jin Song Dong, National University of Singapore, Singapore.
 Program Committee Co-Chairs
 Cliff B Jones, Newcastle University, United Kindom.
 Pekka Pihlajasaari, Data Abstraction (Pty) Ltd, South Africa.
 Jun Sun, Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore.
 Doc Symposium Co-Chair
 Annabelle McIver, Macquarie University, Australia.
 Workshop Chair
 Shengchao Qin, University of Teesside, United Kindom.
 Publicity Chair
 Jonathan Bowen, London South Bank University, United Kindom.
 Kenji Taguchi, AIST, Japan.
 Tutorial Chair
 Richard Paige, University of York, United Kindom.
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