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Tue Nov 6 13:56:03 IST 2012

 14th International Conference on Distributed Computing and Networking
 (ICDCN 2013)
 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,
 Mumbai, India January 3-6, 2013
 ICDCN 2013 programme
 Keynote  Talks
 a. Leslie lamport, Microsoft Research, Who Builds a House without
 Drawing Blueprints?
 b. Yoram Moses, Technion, On using time information for distributed
 c. Hari Balakrishnan, MIT, Sense and Sensibility for Wireless Networks
 d. David E. Culler, UC Berkeley, Sustainable Energy Networks - The
 Distributed Computing and Networking Challenge of the Real World
 e: Sanjit Seshia, University of California Berkeley, Verifying
 High-Confidence Interactive Systems: Electronic Voting and Beyond
 Invited Tutorial Speakers
 a: Misha Pavel, NSF, USA, Smart Health and Well Being
 Distributed Computing Track: Accepted papers
 Regular Paper
  • Atish Das Sarma, Anisur Rahaman Molla, Gopal Pandurangan and Eli
 Upfal. "Fast Distributed PageRank Computation".
  • Seda Davtyan, Kishori Konwar, Alexander Russell and Alexander
 Shvartsman. "Dealing with Undependable Workers in
 Decentralized Network Supercomputing".
  • Lewis Tseng and Nitin Vaidya. "Iterative Approximate Byzantine
 Consensus under a Generalized Fault Model"
  • Alexandre Maurer and Sebastien Tixeuil. "A Scalable Byzantine Grid".
  • Ajoy K. Datta, Stéphane Devismes and Lawrence Larmore.
 "Self-Stabilizing Silent Disjunction in an Anonymous Network".
  • Carole Delporte-Gallet, Hugues Fauconnier and Hung Tran-The.
 "Uniform Consensus with homonyms and omission failures".
  • Himanshu Chauhan and Vijay Garg. "Democratic Elections in Faulty
 Distributed Systems".
  • Yehuda Afek and Eli Gafni. "Asynchrony from Synchrony".
  • Vijay Garg. "Maximal Antichain Lattice Algorithms for Distributed
  • James Hegeman, Kishore Kothapalli, Sriram Pemmaraju and Vivek
 Sardeshmukh. "On the Analysis of a Label Propagation
 Algorithm for Community Detection".
  • Yanbo Shou, Herve Guyennet and Mohamed Lehsaini. "Parallel Scalar
 Multiplication on Elliptic Curves in Wireless Sensor
  • Adnan Khan, Mehrab Shahriar, Sk Kajal Arefin Imon, Mario Di
 Francesco and Sajal K. Das. "PeerVault: A Distributed
 Peer-to-Peer Platform for Reliable Data Backup".
  • Shantanu Das, Shay Kutten and Zvi Lotker."Distributed Verification
 using Mobile Agents".
  • Shay Kutten, Gopal Pandurangan, David Peleg, Peter Robinson and
 Amitabh Trehan. "Sublinear Bounds for Randomized
 Leader Election".
  • Carole Delporte-Gallet, Hugues Fauconnier, Eli Gafni and Sergio
 Rajsbaum. "Linear Space Bootstrap Communication
  • Gokarna Sharma and Costas Busch. "An Analysis Framework for
 Distributed Hierarchical Directories".
  • Jingshu Chen and Sandeep Kulkarni. "Verification of Stabilizing
 Programs with SMT Solvers".
  • Marko Obrovac and Cedric Tedeschi. "Deployment and Evaluation of a
 Decentralised Runtime for Concurrent Rule-based
 Programming Models".
 Short Paper
  • Gadi Taubenfeld. "Weak read/write Registers".
  • Ajoy K. Datta, Stéphane Devismes, Lawrence Larmore and Sebastien
 Tixeuil. "Fast Leader (Full) Recovery despite Dynamic
  • Babak Kalantari and Andre Schiper. "Addressing the ZooKeeper
 Synchronization Inefficiency".
 Networking Track: Accepted Papers
 Regular Paper
  • Lluis Pamies-Juarez, Frederique Oggier and Anwitaman Datta.
 Decentralized Erasure Coding for Efficient Data Archival
 in Distributed Storage Systems
  • Roberto Baldoni, Giuseppe Antonio Di Luna and Leonardo Querzoni.
 Collaborative Detection of Coordinated Portscan
  • Manas Khatua and Sudip Misra. Exploiting Partial-Packet Information
 for Reactive Jamming Detection: Studies in UWSN
  • Shahrzad Shirazipourazad, Arunabha Sen and Subir Bandyopadhyay.
 Fault-tolerant Design of Wireless Sensor Networks with
 Directional Antennas
  • Azade Nazi, Mayank Raj, Mario Di Francesco, Preetam Ghosh and Sajal
 Das. Robust Deployment of Wireless Sensor Networks
 using Gene Regulatory Networks
  • Qiong Huo, Bo Dong and Subir Biswas. Cellular Pulse Switching: An
 Architecture for Event Sensing and Localization in
 Sensor Networks
  • Ying Li, Radim Bartos and James Swan. Transport Protocol with
 Acknowledgement-assisted Storage Management for
 Intermittently Connected Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Lu Jia, Xiaowei Chen, Xiaowen Chu, Johan Pouwelse and Dick Epema.
 How to survive and thrive in a private BitTorrent
  • Xinhui Hu, Stefan Schmid, Andrea Richa and Anja Feldmann. Optimal
 Migration Contracts in Virtual Networks: Pay-as-
 You-Come vs Pay-as-You-Go Pricing
 Short Paper
  • Kalapriya Kannan and Subhasis Banerjee. Compact TCAM: Flow Entry
 Compaction in TCAM for Power Aware SDN
  • Ashutosh Bhatia and R. C. Hansdah. A Media Access and Feedback
 Protocol for Reliable Multicast over Wireless Channel
 Poster Paper
  • Ravi Tandon, Biswanath Dey and Sukumar Nandi: DLCP : Distributed
 Lagrangean Clustering Protocol for heterogeneous
 Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Chandra Sekhar and Mrudula Sarvabhatla: Cryptanalysis and Security
 Enhancement of Anil K Sarje’s Authentication Scheme
 Using Smart Cards
  • Sebastian Zawada, Shrestharth Ghosh, Fangyun Luo, Sriharsha
 Varanasi, Arunita Jaekel and Subir Bandyopadhyay: A New
 Approach to Impairment-Aware Static RWA in optical WDM Networks
  • Chandra Sekhar and Mrudula Sarvabhatla : A Secure and Efficient
 Cross Authentication Protocol in VANET Hierarchical
  • Barun Gorain, Partha Sarathi Mandal and Sandip Das: Approximation
 Algorithm for Minimizing the Size of a Coverage Hole
 in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Arobinda Gupta and P. Dhole : Broadcasting in Delay Tolerant
 Networks using Periodic Contacts
  • Rajib Ranjan Maiti, Niloy Ganguli, Arobindo Gupta : Using
 Directional Antennas for Epidemic Routing in DTNs, in some
 practical Scenarios
 Invited Networking Track Sessions:
 Session I: Organnized by Venkat Padmnabhan, Microsoft India:
 K. Gopinath (IISc), “Does Lean Imply Green? A Study of the Power
 Performance Implications of Java Runtime Bloat”,
 appeared in ACM SIGMETRICS 2012
 Vishnu Navda (MSR India), “RadioJockey: Mining Program Execution to
 Optimize Cellular Radio Usage”, To appear in ACM
 Mobicom 2012
 Vikram Srinivasan (Bell Labs India), “CloudIQ: A Framework for
 Processing Base Stations in a Data Center”, To appear in
 ACM Mobicom 2012
 Session II: Organized by D. Manjunath (IISc) - 3 Papers)
 Ph.D. Forum and Workshops are under Finalization
 Early Bird Registration: 10 Nov 2012
 Cultural programme followed by banquet dinner on 5th Jan 2013
 Professor R.K. Shyamasundar, FIEEE, FACM
 Senior Professor
 Faculty of Technology & Computer Science
 Tata Institute of Fundamental Research
 Mumbai 400 005, India

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