[FM-India] Free access to Logica Universalis / papers of interest

N. Raja raja at tifr.res.in
Wed Nov 24 22:00:22 IST 2010

Free access to all papers published in Logica Universalis is available up
to November 30:

Latest issue of the journal is on the topic "is logic universal?"
In the near future there will be special issues of the journal on the
following topics:
- Visual reasoning with diagrams
- Multimodal logics
- Categorical logics
- Hexagon of opposition

Subscription to the print version (hard copy) of the journal is available
at a very good price for individuals (38 euros per year including postage
and handling).

Among many interesting papers published since the start of the journal -
freely down-loadable up to November 30 -  you can find:

A New Modal Lindstroom Theorem
Johan van Benthem

Generalized Definitional Reflection and the Inversion Principle
Peter Schroeder-Heister

Structuralist Logic: Implications, Inferences, and Consequences
Arnold Koslow

Things That are Right with the Traditional Square of Opposition
Terence Parsons

Applications of Squares of Oppositions and Their Generalizations in
Philosophical Analysis
Jan Wolenski

Russell and His Sources for Non-Classical Logics
Irving H. Anellis

The Concept of Relevance and the Logic Diagram Tradition
Jan Dejnozka

What is a Logic Translation?
Till Mossakowski, Razvan Diaconescu and Andrzej Tarlecki

Symmetric Generalized Galois Logics
Katalin Bimbó and J. Michael Dunn

Raja Natarajan
Editorial Board
Logica Universalis

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