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* 3rd IEEE International Symposium on
* Theoretical Aspects of Software Engineering
* (TASE 2009)
* 29-31 July 2009, Tianjin, China
* http://www.dur.ac.uk/ieee.tase2009
* For more information email: IEEE.TASE2009 at durham.ac.uk

TASE 2009 will include a poster session during the conference.  
The session aims to give students and researchers an opportunity to
present their research to the community, and to get responses from
other researchers.


 Poster presentations are sought in all theoretical aspects of software 
 engineering, including (but not limited to):

  * Requirements Engineering
  * Specification and Verification
  * Program Analysis
  * Software Testing
  * Model-Driven Engineering 
  * Software Architectures and Design
  * Aspect and Object Orientation
  * Embedded and Real-Time Systems
  * Software Processes and Workflows
  * Component-Based Software Engineering
  * Software Safety, Security and Reliability 
  * Reverse Engineering and Software Maintenance
  * Service-Oriented Computing 
  * Semantic Web and Web Services
  * Type System and Theory
  * Program Logics and Calculus
  * Dependable Concurrency 
  * Software Model Checking


 A Poster proposal consists of:
  - a 50 word or less short abstract that summarizes the content of 
    the poster
  - a set of keywords describing the technical area of the work
  - a two-page extended abstract, suitable for inclusion in the 
     TASE 2009 conference proceedings. All abstracts must adhere 
     to the two-column IEEE format.
  All Poster proposals are to be submitted by email 
  to IEEE.TASE2009 at durham.ac.uk. The file containing the 
  two-page extended abstract must be in .pdf or .ps format. 
  Upon acceptance, at least one of the authors must register with 
  the TASE2009 conference in order to have their extended abstract 
  included in the conference proceedings. Once registered, a 
  bulletin board space of A1 paper size (594 mm wide and 841 mm high) 
  will be provided for each presentation. In addition to the camera-ready 
  version of the extended abstract, the authors are also requested to 
  submit their poster of A1 paper size (594 mm wide and 841 mm high) for
  backup. An A1 poster sample template is available at 
  for authors to download. The authors can prepare 8 individual slides, 
  save them in .jpg format and then place them on the above A1 sample.
  The Poster presenter will need to print out their Poster in advance 
  and bring it to the conference for the Poster session.  


 A small selection committee led by the Poster Chair will evaluate the 
 poster proposals based on their contributions and on how effectively 
 they communicate those contributions. All posters should include 
 the following information: 
   - The purpose and goals of the work.
   - Any background and motivation information needed to understand the work.
   - A summary of the contribution and/or results, in sufficient detail for a 
     viewer to understand the work and/or results; especially key details, 
     results and contributions, or the anticipated contributions if the work 
     is at an early stage.
   - The relationship to other related efforts, where appropriate. 
   - Where to find additional information. This should include 
     (but is not restricted to): a web site where viewers can go to find 
     additional information about the work, how to contact the authors 
     (including email addresses), citations for any papers, books, or other 
     materials that provide additional information. 

 A poster competition will be organised during the poster session. A panel of 
 experts will be formed as referees for the competition. Awards will be given
 to the winners of the competition. 


 Poster proposals submission: April 22, 2009
 Acceptance/rejection notification: May 6, 2009
 Camera-ready version and Poster due: May 13, 2009
 TASE 2009 Conference: July 29-31, 2009


 For questions or requests, please contact the TASE 2009 poster chair,
 Florin Craciun (IEEE.TASE2009 at durham.ac.uk). Please mention "poster session"
 in the subject of your email.

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