[FM-India] Papers on Interactive Theorem Proving

N. Raja raja at tifr.res.in
Fri Jun 12 08:30:51 IST 2009

I would like to announce a recent special issue of the journal
"Sadhana" -- published by the Indian Academy of Sciences --
on "Interactive Theorem Proving and Verification",
which may be of interest to some members of this list.

The following papers which comprise the entire
Special Issue of Sadhana: Volume 34 (1), February 2009,
are accessible online either by following the link
on Back Issues from the web page
or directly on the link:


1. Proof assistants: History, ideas and future
    by Herman Geuvers.

2. Operating system verification—An overview
    by Gerwin Klein.

3. A compact kernel for the calculus of inductive constructions
    by A.Asperti, W.Ricciotti, C.Sacerdoti Coen and E.Tassi.

4. Proving the correctness of client/server software
    by Eyad Alkassar, Sebastian Bogan and  Wolfgang J. Paul

5. Formalizing Arrow’s theorem
    by Freek Wiedijk

Best Wishes

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