[FM-India] (SEWORLD) CfPart - MDD4DRES 2009

Mireille Blay-Fornarino blay at polytech.unice.fr
Thu Nov 13 02:29:49 IST 2008

Call for participation to the

4th International School on
Model-Driven Development
Distributed, Realtime, Embedded Systems
(MDD4DRES 2009)
Aussois (France), 20-24 April 2009

APPLY ONLINE! http://www.mdd4dres.info/registration

Get a flyer (http://www.mdd4dres.info/flyer.pdf) and help us spread the


(please see http://www.mdd4dres.info/program for details)

Joseph Sifakis (Turing Award 2007, CNRS Verimag Lab, France)
Embedded Systems Modelling and Analysis: Research Challenges

Robert France (Colorado State University - USA)
Navigating the MDE RoadMap: Are we there yet?

Stuart Arnold (QinetiQ - UK)
System design: state of the art and perspectives

Alain Clouard (STMicroelectronics - France)
Model-Driven Development: Industrial needs and perspectives

Yves Bernard (Airbus - France)
Fundamentals of model-based engineering for Airbus Avionics & Simulation

Stefan Kuntz (Continental Automotive Gmbh - Germany)
Introduction to the Autosar Standard

Pierre-Alain Muller (University of Haute Alsace - France)
On Meta-models and Language Engineering

Nicolas Rouquette (NASA - USA)
Introduction to Executable UML

Benoit Baudry (IRISA Lab - France)
Leveraging metamodels for model transformation testing

Christophe Gaston (CEA-LIST - France)
Symbolic Execution Techniques for Test Purpose Definition

Sebastien Gerard (CEA-LIST - France)
A Profile for Embedded Systems Development

Dorina C. Petriu (Carleton University - Canada)
Model-based Performance Analysis

Lothar Thiele (ETH - Zurich)
Component Based Schedulability Analysis

Peter Feiler (SEI - USA)
Validation of Safety-Critical Systems with AADL

Chris Raistrick (Kennedy-Carter - UK)
Model Based Code Generation

Denis Aulagnier (Thomson CSF - France)
SoC/SoPC development using MDA and MARTE profile

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