[FM-India] AFM'08 Workshop at CAV 2008

Supratik Chakraborty supratik at cse.iitb.ac.in
Thu May 22 00:30:51 IST 2008

For all those interested in automated formal methods:
  AFM08 (Automated Formal Methods) will be held on Monday 14 July 2008 
at Princeton
in association with the 20th International Conference on Computer Aided 
Verification (CAV 2008)
This will be the third in the Automated Formal Methods (AFM) workshop 
series, following on from AFM06 and AFM07. AFM functions both as a 
user's meeting for the SRI tools PVS, SAL (with HybridSAL), and Yices, 
and as a general workshop for those interested in state of the art 
automation for formal methods.

All those interested in submitting papers (deadline: May 25, 2008) and 
even otherwise, please visit
http://fm.csl.sri.com/AFM08.  If there are any questions/clarifications, 
I'd be happy to answer them.

 Best regards,
   Supratik Chakraborty

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